Erosion, Irrigation & Drainage
Erosion and drainage issues are one of the main reasons clients seek our help.  Erosion is a gradual washing away of vegetation and topsoil, loosening tree roots and possibly causing serious damage to building foundations, or other structures like driveways, patios and walkways.   The problem usually gets worse and grows larger with time.  Erosion will not recover without intervention. The sooner these issues are dealt with, the less money it takes to solve them. 
We always try to address erosion and drainage issues proactively.  We will identify the source of the problem and design a solution that will provide long-term correction.   We can design systems that capture the run off into either above ground systems, like dry creek beds, or underground systems, like drains and piping. We can also install french drain type systems that absorb surface water and re-direct it underground and off the property. 
Pervious pavers, rain gardens, and bio swales are all great solutions to capture and store water.  These solutions reduce the impact storm water has on our streams, rivers and lakes. 
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