Our recent weather in metro Atlanta has everyone itching to put away the sweats and pull out the tshirts and shorts.  Spring-like temperatures have us all thinking, “wow, I can’t wait to get outside and enjoy everything.”  And then you walk outside your home, and you see your outdoor spaces.  Warm weather grasses are still – appropriately – brown and showing no new growth.  No leaves on the trees yet, although there is the hint of new growth and blooms … just a hint.  It’s a reality check that – yes – we are still very much in the winter season.


But spring is not far away, and there are things you can be doing right now to have your outdoor spaces be ready for the official spring and summer seasons.

Here’s a quick checklist:

  1. Get your lawn ready
    Dethatch and water (as temperatures are trending higher with consistency).  Take appropriate steps to remove emerging weeds.
  2. Prep your spring flower beds
    Clear your beds of debris, and maybe even incorporate new planting soil to give your plantings the best chance for growth.
  3. Top off your mulch
    Straw and other mulch will add a quick upgrade to the visual appeal of your outdoor spaces.
  4. Prune trees and shrubs
    Be mindful of new plantings that don’t need shaping too early, but go ahead and remove limbs and other free growth to provide the visual aesthetic that you want.
  5. Inspect and repair your hardscapes
    Now is the time to get your patio, firepits, and other outdoor spaces ready-to-go for your use and entertaining when spring officially arrives.


Yes, you are inspired to “get outdoors” when these pockets of wonderful weather appear – even in the middle of winter.  And while you can’t necessarily accelerate new growth and make your yard suddenly turn green, you can maximize the opportunity to “be ready” for the official seasons of spring and summer.  And you might be really inspired to tackle some even larger projects.


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